Beaded Strawberry Pin Tutorial

A step by step video tutorial for making a beaded strawberry pin!
Click on the Image to be taken to the Youtube Video


  • I’m really struggling with the strawberry video starting the edging. Do you have any other resources for this stitch?

  • Hi there, Is there a way to get just the T-shirt, Strawberry and Red Dress patterns on PDF and the cost?
    Currently, I have the beads just would require the template since I can’t draw properly to start any of these project. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

  • Aaniin Dominique, I heard about you at the NCC Canada Day event but got there too late to get one of your kits for the strawberry pin unfortunately. But I did get your contact info. I was there to collect info for a beading workshop our TRC-Bobcaygeon group would like to host – perhaps as part of the events we are planning in September as the lead up to National Day of Reconciliation Sept 30th. Would you be available to lead a beading workshop and provide the kits? What would the cost be?

    Sherry Hillman

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