Kwai Kwai,


My name is Dominique O'Bonsawin, and I am the artist and one-woman operation behind cedarlilie. I am Abenaki and French-Canadian and I LOVE beads. What started off as a relaxing hobby has now turned into an ever evolving and growing online bead and supply store and platform to sell my art. 

I've always been crafty but when I came across beads, I knew I had found my creative medium. However, I find them to be particularly invasive. I find beads everywhere... in my shoes, in my wallet and in my hair. That said, I love beads. When I'm not playing with beads I am a full time student in the Bachelor of Education at Trent University. My academic "career" as well as my beadwork have always been intimately connected. In fact, if it wasn't for school, I would have never learnt to do beadwork. I learnt from other Indigenous students when I was doing my undergraduate studies.

Having not had access to my Indigenous community, language or culture growing up, beadwork, alongside my academic work, has become a significant contributor to my efforts to reconnect with my community and culture. I am constantly learning, growing and connecting in ways that I would have never imagined possible.

Since starting my online business in July 2020, it has been inspiring to connect with others who are beginning their crafting journey or who have been on that path for many years. I love the conversation, the stories, the sharing of knowledge and the new friendships. Beadwork is medicine, and I am humbled by the opportunity to provide people with everything they need to start or continue to do beadwork. 



Wliwni, Merci, Thank you - for allowing me to share my art and my passion with you and for supporting my small Indigenous business,