Sabastian Koprich (He/Him)

Name: Sabastian Koprich (He/Him) - Métis

Location: Toronto

Bio: Bonjou/Hello! My name is Sabastian and I am a Métis citizen of Ontario. Georgian Bay is my traditional home away from home, I have a cottage there, in a little town called Britt. As an Indigenous man, I am happy and proud to share my beadwork with the community. I look forward to including leather made bags in the foreseeable future to peak the interest of my male audience as well. Trying to break some of the negative stereotypes surrounding men, and continue to learn from the many talented beaders I’ve had the privilege of meeting.

What inspires you to make your art? 

When I sit down and look at all the different colour beads I have access to, and the tools and threads we have today, it makes me reflect on the traditional beadwork on Métis vests and hats. The Métis we’re known for their flower beadwork. They were innovative and made the most intricately balanced pieces. So, I reflect and think to myself, “What’s my excuse? Get beading!” Haha.

Where can people find your work? 

Instagram @beaded.beads

Facebook Bearded Beads


 Products that Sabastian loves from cedarlilie:

- unique cabs and centre pieces

- durable fixings that customers love